Some Tips to Help Prevent Unwanted Hassles From the Police

Everyday, each driver on the road has a chance of being stopped and hassled by the police.  To reduce the chance of some unwanted encounters with the police in New Hampshire this summer, try these simple tips that can avoid unnecessary police contacts:

Make sure your inspection sticker and registration are valid and up-to-date
When driving near a police cruiser, you and your vehicle are being scrutinized.  You must always make sure your inspection sticker and registration are valid and up-to-date. If not, you can almost guarantee that you will be hassled, fined or even arrested. Remember, the police will pull you over for any reason they can get their hands on, whether it is relevant to DWI or DUI suspicion or not. Once the police have you stopped for any small reason such as these, they’re one step closer to seeing if you could perhaps be drunk driving, or are carrying drugs in your car.

The penalty for violation the inspection sticker law in New Hampshire is $60, but you’ll really pay the price if police smell alcohol or suspect that you’ve been drinking.  Unfortunately, many drivers who are initially stopped for this minor violation end up charged with DWI, DUI or OUI. AVOID all of this by making sure your stickers are up to date!

Make sure your plate lights and other lights are working
All drivers during the night should make sure all their vehicle’s lights are working, not only for their own safety, but to avoid interaction with the police. Remember, police will take any chance they can to pull drivers over, no matter how minor the violation may be. Generally, the driver may be following all rules of the road: following the speed limit, maintaining great lane control, steady driving.  But they up being pulled over for a benign equipment violation.

The number of stops for equipment violations have increased dramatically.  This is not because the cops have developed a concern over the status of plate lights, or scolding drivers for not using their turn signals. Rather, the police have a broader goal: the police have co-opted the motor vehicle code to fight the war on drugs, and many DWI arrests arise after these stops.

Avoid giving the police some of these chances to legally stop you by regularly insuring that all your vehicle lights are working, that your registration and inspection sticker and drivers license are valid.

It is a good idea to prepare for getting stopped by the police.  Even if you don’t commit any driving offenses at all,  there is still a strong chance this could happen to you someday.  Always make sure your license and registration is in an easy place to find, so you can quickly and effortlessly produce it upon demand. Never put your license in a difficult place to find, or a place you’ll know you’ll forget. Practice taking your license out of your wallet in your own home or garage, when you are not under pressure.

CONSIDER GETTING A REGISTRATION HOLDER TO KEEP YOUR VEHICLE REGISTRATION IN. If you do not have one send me an e-mail with your mailing address and I will send you a registration holder for each of your vehicles free of charge. After, you can practice producing your license and registration fairly frequently. It will make it easier to do if you ever have to produce them under a pressurized roadside situation.  NOTE:  It is best not to keep old expired registrations with your current, valid one.  When you have to look through them when the blue lights are flashing, it can cause delays in your ability to hand the registration over.  The cop will later use this against you as a possible sign of drunkenness.
If you ever charged with a DWI, DUI, or OUI call:
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