Don’t Tell the Cops What You Do for Work

New Hampshire DWI Lawyer .  If you have been stopped by the police in New Hampshire, and they suspect you of drunk driving, you will be asked to step out of your vehicle for a series of “field sobriety tests”, a set of three of more sidewalk gymnastics that are designed for you to fail.  New fairly new trick question that police have added to their arsenal of legal weapons to use against you is a question about your employment.

The cops ask the question, “So what do you do for work?”.  This seems like an innocent question, right?  It’s not.  You may ask, “what does this have to do with whether or not I’m drunk?”.  Here’s how the cops use your answer to this seemingly innocuous question against you in New Hampshire courts.

When you tell the cop what you do for work, especially if it is any type of physically demanding work, manual labor, or any job that requires you to stand or walk normally, they will write your occupation into the police report about your New Hampshire DWI arrest .  In court they will say that since you do “x, y or z” for a living that they established that you could balance yourself normally.  You do not have to answer this or any other pre-arrest questioning about your employment.  If the cop asks you questions about your employment at any time during your field sobriety tests, or just before or after these roadside acrobatics, he is about to arrest you for DWI.  It is just one more trick to take away your driver’s license.  Think before you answer, and ask to speak to an attorney right away.  Call me, Attorney Mark Stevens at 1-603-893-0074 right away.  Here is a short video about your right to remain silent:

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