***Beware Tonight: The Police in New Hampshire Are Looking for Drivers to Arrest Tonight***

Beware Tonight!!!

The New Hampshire State Police will be out in full force this evening looking for all signs of drunk drivers and “drugged drivers”. They are specifically looking for “drug impairment”.  There will be at least 6 extra police officers on duty tonight; including two officers specially trained in “drug-recognition” and they have teamed up with the Goffstown and Bedford Police.


If you find yourself stopped by the police and they ask you questions about drinking, answer wisely.  If the police ask you if you take any controlled drugs, prescription medications or medicines BE CAREFUL how you answer their question.  Once they have asked you if you take medications they think you are intoxicated.  If you answer “yes” and describe the medications you take you are helping the police to convict you at a later date.  Always answer police questions carefully.  If they ask you about drinking or drugs you are probably about to get arrested.  If an officer tells you he is a “drug recognition expert” and asks you to follow his pen or finger with his eyes, you are about to get arrested.  All the steps he takes after that, taking your pulse, asking you questions, taking your blood pressure and other things they try to make you do are all designed to incriminate you.  You cannot be forced to do any of these roadside acrobatics. 

If the police think you are drunk when they stop you, but they don’t smell alcohol, they will assume you are on drugs.  And remember, Field sobriety tests are designed to trick you and for you to fail; breath tests are designed to incriminate or incarcerate you.  If you blow a .16 or higher, even on a first in a lifetime offense, in New Hampshire you would face an “aggravated DWI charge” just because you cooperated and blew into their breath testing hose!

Here is a video regarding New Hampshire marijuana laws:

 If you been accused of driving under the influence (“DUI/DWI”) of marijuana or other “controlled drug” in New Hampshire?  If you have been, you face the same potential consequences as a driver who is accused of driving under the influence of alcohol in New Hampshire courts.  Even the simple possession of marijuana is still a crime under New Hampshire laws.  If you have been accused by the police in New Hampshire of “Driving under the Influence of a Controlled Drug”, “Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and/or a Controlled Drug”, “possession of marijuana”, “possession of c/d”or transportation of marijuana, feel free to call my office today at 603-893-0074 to arrange a free consultation to discuss your case.

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One Response to ***Beware Tonight: The Police in New Hampshire Are Looking for Drivers to Arrest Tonight***

  1. arent there enough drunks on the roads? looks like they ran out so they want to bust peoples balls who take prescription meds.


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