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“Survive the drive. Think before you drink,” and remember if you get hassled by the cops: Don’t Talk! You Might Walk. If the police stop and want to ask you questions this weekend during the races in Loudon, don’t wait, call New Hampshire DWI Defense Lawyer Mark Stevens at 1.603.893.0074 and LAWYER UP today!

In this video Salem, NH criminal defense lawyer Mark Stevens explains why you don’t have to talk to the cops. If the police question you regarding involvement in any type of crime, you aren’t required to answer.  Remain silent and remember to call your lawyer before you speak to the cops.

New Hampshire DWI laws and New Hampshire criminal laws in action. Be prepared to assert your Miranda rights and call Attorney Stevens today at 1-603-893-0074. Free initial consultation and case evaluation. We look forward to speaking with you!

Here are a few tips and precautionary methods to help avoid any unwanted contacts with the cops:

1. Make Sure Your Inspection Stickers and Registrations Are Valid

  • An important reminder if you are driving this weekend is to make sure that your car has a valid inspection sticker, as well as a valid registration. When you drive into a roadblock, or even drive by the police this weekend without a valid inspection sticker you can count on being stopped and hassled. The police will take any chance they can get to pull you over for any reason! Like all other motor vehicle codes, the police often co-opt this to see if you have been drinking or have drugs in your car. The penalty for a violation of this section of the motor vehicle code is $60, but the real penalty is when the police smell alcohol or suspect that you have been drinking after stopping you for the lack of an inspection sticker. Many drivers who are initially stopped for this minor violation end up charged with DWI, DUI or OUI. AVOID one potential for this by making sure your inspection stickers are up to date.

2. Make Sure Your Plate Lights and Other Lights Work

  • Everyone driving at night should check their brake lights, plate lights, and other lighting, as well as their inspection stickers and license plates, to avoid some unwanted interaction with police. Avoid giving the police some of these chances to legally stop you by making sure that all your lights are functioning, your registration and inspection stickers are up to date, and your license is valid.

3. Don’t Tell the Cops You Take Prescription Meds

  • So what happens when the police think you’re intoxicated but they can’t smell alcohol? They will usually ask you if you take any medications. If a cop suspects you of intoxication and asks you if you take medications, you are at high risk to get arrested. If you answer “yes” and describe what you take, even if it’s prescribed to you, it increases your risk of arrest.
  • There is no better time to exercise your right to remain silent and your right to a lawyer than when a cop asks you if you are taking prescription drugs. Most innocent people believe that if they explain to the police that they are taking medications exactly as their doctor prescribed them they will steer clear of the DWI net the police are trying to catch them in. Wrong. Be careful how you answer any question posed by the police when you are stopped.
If you’ve been arrested for DWI, OUI, BWI,  or other criminal or motor vehicle charges, call the Law Offices of Mark Stevens for a free initial consultation and evaluation for your New Hampshire DWI at 1-603-893-0074 or toll-free in NH at 1-800-DWI-LAWS. We look forward to speaking with you.

Have a great weekend and please drive safely,

Attorney Mark Stevens

Law Offices of Mark Stevens
5 Manor Parkway Salem, NH
603.893.0074 24/7
 Mark L. Stevens
“Survive the Drive. Think Before You Drink,” is just one of the many safety slogans major New Hampshire highways and interstates are advertising as part of a campaign with the Governors Highway Safety Association; “The States’ Voice on Highway Safety.”  GHSA represents the state and territorial highway safety offices that implement programs to address behavioral highway safety issues, including: occupant protection, impaired driving, and speeding.”

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New Hampshire criminal defense lawyer Mark Stevens. Defending drivers accused of DWI/DUI in all New Hampshire courts. Located in Salem,New Hampshire. Free NH DWI case consultations. Call Attorney Mark Stevens at 1-603-893-0074 today for a free consultation.

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