DWI Checkpoints: Labor Day Weekend by NH DWI Defense Lawyer Mark Stevens 603.893.0074 (24/7 & road-side)

This Labor Day holiday weekend traveling will be busy and could be potentially brutal for unexpected travelers. AAA estimates that about 29 million people are planning to hit the roads this Labor Day Weekend and heading somewhere… and so are the police along with increased patrols and plenty of random DUI Roadblocks and Sobriety Checkpoints. New Hampshire has some of the toughest and most aggressive laws in the country to fight an intoxicated driving charge in and the NH State Police are ready to enforce them this weekend!


Possible places a Sobriety Checkpoint could cross YOUR path:
  • Franklin, NH (“The Lakes Region”)
  • Walpole, NH (Cheshire County areas)
  • Lancaster, NH (‘North Country’)
  • Seabrook, NH or Portsmouth, NH (highly likely in Seabrook)
  • Plymouth County, Massachusetts (locations undisclosed but will take place on a “public way”)

Please drive safe no matter how far you travel this holiday weekend. Be alert, prepared, and most of all be ready if the cops pull you over or stop your vehicle in a sobriety checkpoint/dui roadblock.  Remember, when the cops want to talk to you, Be a Zero, Zip it!, then Lawyer up and Shut up! If you are facing a DUI-DWI charge in New Hampshire, it is imperative you talk to a DWI-DUI Defense Lawyer BEFORE you talk to the cops or consent to any field sobriety tests!

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday Weekend,

Salem, NH DWI Defense Lawyer Mark Stevens

Law Offices of Mark Stevens
5 Manor Parkway
Salem, NH 03079

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Attorney Stevens CELL #  603.785.6458


About ByeByeDWI
New Hampshire criminal defense lawyer Mark Stevens. Defending drivers accused of DWI/DUI in all New Hampshire courts. Located in Salem,New Hampshire. Free NH DWI case consultations. Call Attorney Mark Stevens at 1-603-893-0074 today for a free consultation.

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