*POLL: Broken IPAD 2 = Sushi Plate?? *

Dear Apple,

My IPAD 2 broke 2 weeks ago. I did not drop it, smash it, lose it, or drop it in a toilet.  Simply put: It only works when plugged in. Despite the purchase of my Apple Care plan, neither the Apple Store nor Apple themselves will fix it!  At first they agreed to order the “part” I may need for my sealed IOS device, yet due to the Apple’s ‘run-around’ they have now offered  me a FULL refund of my Apple Care plan…  I wonder why my Apple Care plan doesn’t cover replacements?

I want YOUR ideas on what I should use my broken IPAD for besides a Sushi Plate!

Take this New Poll and Tell Me What You Would Do with a Broken IPAD 2…

DWI Roadblock Onslaught Continues

Watch out Portsmouth and  Seacoast Communities!  The onslaught of Sobriety Checkpoints and DWI Roadblocks aren’t slowing down yet.  N.H. State Police are teaming up with the Portsmouth police department this weekend to conduct Roadblocks and Sobriety Checkpoints at “unspecified locations.”  State police hope bar patrons will use designated drivers, cabs, or call a friend instead of drinking and driving.  

 New Hampshire DWI lawyer Mark Stevens explains your Miranda rights in their most basic terms: lawyer up and shut up. When the cops want to talk to you, call New Hampshire Attorney Mark Stevens at 1-603-893-0074. If you are facing a charge under New Hampshire DWI/DUI laws, it is important to talk to your DWI defense lawyer BEFORE you talk to the cops.

If you get arrested for DWI, or any other crime after being stopped in the Portsmouth roadblocks this weekend, call Attorney Mark Stevens right away at 1-603-893-0074 for your free DWI consultation!



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