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This upcoming holiday weekend always seems to result in more than usual shoplifting and willful concealment arrests as well as other theft charges all across New Hampshire. If you are accused of any type of theft or shoplifting offense it is extremely important you do not say anything or let anyone bully you into saying anything.pilgrim-with-guns

The shoplifting laws and theft penalties in New Hampshire are tough. If you are brought into loss prevention or a store security office remember you are not obligated to sign anything and do not let anyone pressure you into feeling you are. More than likely the main objective is to get you to make any type of admission they can.

DO NOT let store security take your picture, they are not the paparazzi and are definitely not the police. They cannot make you do anything. You do not even need to give store security, mall security, or loss protection your identification!!!

If you are suspected of shoplifting, either store/mall security or the loss preventions department will call the police. When the cops arrive make sure you are respectful and do not resist arrest OR admit to anything either! Be polite, do not make any statements, and make sure you have some bail money with you.



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St. Patrick’s Day Tips



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 Please celebrate responsibly!  It sounds as though there will be a higher than usual number of cops on the roads this St. Patrick’s Day, so be careful.  The police are clamoring to make a lot of arrests Saturday night as they have targeted this Irish-American day of celebration to clamp down on motorists. The half-million dollar DWI bus is at the Park and Ride in Epping waiting for people to be arrested.

Make sure your lights, including your plate lights and brake lights, are working and that your license and registration are up to date before you drive Saturday night; the cops will be looking for excuses to pull over vehicles on St. Patrick’s Day so don’t give them a reason to stop you!  There will be 27 extra patrol units on Rockingham County roads Saturday night.  Like in the case of DWI roadblocks, there usually are not enough drunk drivers on the road to keep them all busy, so there will likely be a lot of other arrests, like operating after license suspension, possession of marijuana, and other victimless crimes and violations.  Don’t give them a chance to hassle you.

The police sometimes arrest people for drug impairment if they can’t smell alcohol or if the driver passes the breath test.  Once a driver passes a breath test, a whole extra gauntlet of aerobics are performed by the police on the driver to “detect drug impairment”.  If they’re told to find so

me drug impaired drivers they will probably find some. 

It may be unwise for you to answer a cop’s questions about medications.  If he is asking you about prescription medications he has probably already decided to arrest you; he is now enlisting YOUR help in convicting yourself through admissions about prescription medication use.  Remember, once you have provided your license and registration and identified yourself , you do not need to answer questions during a roadside interrogation.  You have the right to a lawyer and the right to remain silent when the police try to question you about prescription drug use. 


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