3 Tips for a Smashing Pumpkin Fest’ by NH Criminal Defense Attorney Mark Stevens 603-893-0074 (24/7)

pfest-2016_laconia-logoSince its’ inception in 1991 Keene, NH has always hosted the annual Pumpkin Festival known as “Let it Shine”.  However, after the circus of events deemed “The Keene Riot of 2014” which gained national media attention, the Keene City Council rejected its return for 2015 despite it being one of Cheshire Counties most anticipated annual events. #SorryKeene

That’s when Belknap County took one for the NH team and Laconia stepped up to the plate and became the new hosts for the Let it Shine!  Pumpkin Festival in 2015.  They have taken their pumpkin fest duties very seriously for all who look forward to seeing the glowing jack o’ lanterns each year.

3 Tips for a Smashing Time at Pumpkin Fest:

  1. 1. DO… attend Laconia Pumpkin Festival 2016 on October 22 and participate in contests and events. Live Free & Carve!
  2. 2. DON’T… smash and dash. Try out some Pumpkin Bowling or see what the Pumpkin Dump Derby is all about.  After the events of the Keene Pumpkin Fest in 2014, your much less likely to be charged with disorderly conduct when Pumpking Bowling or the Pumpkin Dump Derby, a post-p’fest event.
  3. 3. DO… attempt to and break the record for the Guinness Book of
     World Records. The annual event hosts contests and makes an attempt to break the Guinness Book of World Records every year for the most amount of lit jack o’ lanterns at one time.




Have a Smashing Time and Let it Shine at the 2016 Laconia Pumpkin Festival!

– Attorney Mark Stevens (24/7) 603.893.0074

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