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New Hampshire DWI Laws by New Hampshire Attorney Mark Stevens.

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HAPPY 4TH OF JULY from NH DWI Attorney Mark Stevens 603.893.0074 (24/7)

Wishing everyone a safe and exciting July 4th weekend from Salem, NH DUI & Criminal Defense Attorney Mark Stevens!  As always, please celebrate responsibly and remember, you don’t have to talk to the cops!



Here’s a few tips:
Before hitting the highway, make sure to check your plate and brake lights, locate and create easy access to your license and registration keep your inspection stickers up to date (and license plates). Equipment violations are a great way to find yourself in the flashing blues of a police car despite your “good driver discount-status”! Avoid giving the police a chance to legally stop you by making sure that your lights are functioning and any equipment issues have been addressed before heading out.


Have a Safe and Happy Fourth of July,

Mark Stevens, Criminal Defense Attorney, Law Office of Mark Stevens
Tel: (603) 893-0074 | Fax: (603) 893-5022 |

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If You’re About to be Arrested for a New Hampshire DWI….

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Lawyer Up and Shut Up!

Are you facing a DUI, DWI , aggravated DWI, “minor in possession”, “unlawful intoxication by a minor” “reckless driving” or other criminal charges in a New Hampshire District Court or Superior Court?  Call Attorney Mark Stevens today at 1-603-893-0074 for a free consultation. New Hampshire DWI laws, penalties and case examples. New Hampshire aggravated DWI laws.

You’ve probably heard the term “guilt by association.” But, under New Hampshire’s aggravated DWI law there is “guilt by cooperation”, meaning that if you cooperate and blow into the breath test machine when the officer requests it, you can end up in jail.

If you have been arrested for DWI, DUI, OUI or BWI in New Hampshire, call for your free initial consultation and case evaluation for your DWI, DUI, OUI or boating while intoxicated case:

Mark Stevens

Mark Stevens

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Arrested at Bike Week in Laconia? Laconia Motorcycle Rally Week 89th Anniversary June 9th – June 17th 2012

Arrested in Laconia?


LACONIA’S 89th BIKE WEEK: America’s Oldest and Original Riding Rally. As Laconia kicks off the 89th anniversary of Laconia Bike Week, riders from around the country rev up their engines to take part in the action. Laconia Motorcycle Week represents 1 of 4 (original) Motorcycle Rally Weeks in the country. America’s oldest and original Riding Rally’s are the pinnacle of a culture shared among motorcycle enthusiasts across the globe. Motorcycle Rally Weeks, otherwise known as “Bike Week” brings thousands upon thousands of bikers from all over the world to join in the culture, festivities, races, and celebrate “riding” on a whole other level. Experienced riders know that with bike week comes police. Those who aren’t as familiar should be forewarned about the saturation of police throughout the entire state of NH, and Laconia is no exception. Preparing yourself in advance is key. Practice producing your license and registration in the event you are questioned by the cops. Those are just a few things you can do to be ready and if the cops want to ask you questions. If you’ve been hassled by the cops in New Hampshire or ARRESTED AT BIKE WEEK for DWI, DUI, OUI, or BWI (Boating while Intoxicated), call Salem, NH DWI Lawyer Mark Stevens at 1-603-893-0074 (24/7). Don’t wait- schedule your Free Consultation and Case Evaluation and “Lawyer Up!”

Mark Stevens

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Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Salem, New Hampshire DWI Attorney Mark Stevens 1-603-893-0074

Be Prepared this Weekend, the chances of being pulled over are higher than usual! The New Hampshire and Massachusetts State Police are vigilantly working to keep aggressive, drunk, and unsafe drivers off the road. Friday May 25th- Monday May 28th  the State Police from NH and MA will use every method available including sobriety checkpoints/DWI Roadblocks, courtesy and speeding detail patrol units, aircraft radar control, and marked and unmarked vehicles. MA and NH State Police have extra-large quantities of State Police on duty this weekend to keep roads safer and fatality rates down.

1. Make Sure Your Inspection Stickers and Registrations Are Valid

  • An important reminder if you are driving this weekend is to make sure that your car has a valid inspection sticker, as well as a valid registration. When you drive into a roadblock, or even drive by the police this weekend without a valid inspection sticker you can count on being stopped and hassled. The police will take any chance they can get to pull you over for any reason! Like all other motor vehicle codes, the police often co-opt this to see if you have been drinking or have drugs in your car. The penalty for a violation of this section of the motor vehicle code is $60, but the real penalty is when the police smell alcohol or suspect that you have been drinking after stopping you for the lack of an inspection sticker. Many drivers who are initially stopped for this minor violation end up charged with DWI, DUI or OUI. AVOID one potential for this by making sure your inspection stickers are up to date.

2. Make Sure Your Plate Lights and Other Lights Work

  • Everyone driving at night should check their brake lights, plate lights, and other lighting, as well as their inspection stickers and license plates, to avoid some unwanted interaction with police. Avoid giving the police some of these chances to legally stop you by making sure that all your lights are functioning, your registration and inspection stickers are up to date, and your license is valid.

3. Don’t Tell the Cops You Take Prescription Meds

  • So what happens when the police think you’re intoxicated but they can’t smell alcohol? They will usually ask you if you take any medications. If a cop suspects you of intoxication and asks you if you take medications, you are at high risk to get arrested. If you answer “yes” and describe what you take, even if it’s prescribed to you, it increases your risk of arrest.
  • There is no better time to exercise your right to remain silent and your right to a lawyer than when a cop asks you if you are taking prescription drugs. Most innocent people believe that if they explain to the police that they are taking medications exactly as their doctor prescribed them they will steer clear of the DWI net the police are trying to catch them in. Wrong. Be careful how you answer any question posed by the police when you are stopped.

PREPARATION FOR THIS WORST CASE SCENARIO – It is not a bad idea to prepare for this event. Have your license and registration in an easy place to find and an easy place to quickly and effortlessly produce upon demand. Don’t put your license in a difficult spot to pull it out quickly when you need to. Practice taking your license out of your wallet in the safety of your home. CONSIDER GETTING A REGISTRATION HOLDER TO KEEP YOUR VEHICLE REGISTRATION IN. If you do not have one send me an e-mail with your mailing address and I will send you a registration holder for every one of your vehicles free of charge. Then practice producing your license and registration fairly often. It will make it easier if you have to produce them under a pressurized situation.

Have a Safe Memorial Day Weekend,
New Hampshire DWI Attorney Mark Stevens
 Law Office of Mark Stevens
5 Manor Parkway
Salem, NH 03079

Arrested in New Hampshire?  Follow this Call to Action!

A Call to Action:
Have you or a loved one been arrested? If you have, you’ve probably just endured the worst day of your life. Your anxiety level is probably the highest it has ever been. It is important right now that you promptly take steps to protect your rights.

The Law Offices of Mark Stevens represents people accused of DWI and other crimes. Call right now for a free initial consultation at 603-893-0074. In New Hampshire call 1-800-DWI-LAWS. We look forward to speaking with you.

Law of the Day: Burglary

Law of the Day:  Burglary 

RSA 635:1  (2010)

635:1  Burglary.

I. A person is guilty of burglary if he enters a building or occupied structure, or separately secured or occupied section thereof, with purpose to commit a crime therein, unless the premises are at the time open to the public or the actor is licensed or privileged to enter. It is an affirmative defense to prosecution for burglary that the building or structure was abandoned.

II. Burglary is a class B felony unless it is perpetrated in the dwelling of another at night, or if, in the commission of the offense, attempt at commission or in flight immediately after attempt or commission, the actor is armed with a deadly weapon or explosives or he purposely, knowingly or recklessly inflicts bodily injury on anyone; in which case it is a class A felony; except that if the person is armed with a deadly weapon and the deadly weapon is a firearm, he shall be sentenced in accordance with RSA 651:2, II-g.

III. “Occupied structure” shall mean any structure, vehicle, boat or place adapted for overnight accommodation of persons, or for carrying on business therein, whether or not a person is actually present. “Night” shall mean the period between 30 minutes past sunset and 30 minutes before sunrise.

IV. A person may not be convicted both for burglary and for the offense which it was his purpose to commit after the burglarious entry or for an attempt to commit that offense, unless the additional offense constitutes a class A felony.

V. A person is guilty of a misdemeanor if he makes or mends, or begins to make or mend, or knowingly has in his possession, an engine, machine, tool, or implement adapted and designed for cutting through, forcing or breaking open a building, room, vault, safe, or other depository, in order to steal therefrom money or other property, or to commit any other crime, knowing the same to be adapted and designed for the purpose aforesaid, with intent to use or employ or allow the same to be used or employed for such purpose.


Arrested for DWI in New Hampshire?

The Law Offices of Mark Stevens represents people accused of DWI and other crimes. Call right now for a free initial consultation at 603-893-0074. In New Hampshire call 1-800-DWI-LAWS or visit us online for more information and case examples at We look forward to speaking with you.

How So Many Repeat DUI Offenders End Up Back On The Roads WMUR News Article & Special Report featuring NH DWI Defense Lawyer Mark Stevens 1-603-893-0074

Should people with multiple DWI convictions be allowed to make-up for their mistakes or should the system be stricter and more invovled with the people we let drive on our roadways?

What Do YOU Think? Take our short poll and let us know!

How So Many Repeat DUI Offenders End Up Back On The Roads | WMUR Home – WMUR Home.

10-time drunken driver granted parole | Local News – WMUR Home.

Superbowl Driving Tips by New Hampshire DWI Lawyer Mark Stevens

Good Luck to the Patriots this weekend from the Law Office of Mark Stevens!  We’d like to wish the New England Patriots much success at the Superbowl this weekend, and for everyone celebrating a safe and successful Superbowl Sunday!

Have a great Superbowl Weekend and don’t forget-  if you go out to watch the Super Bowl, the cops will be everywhere on your way home. They will be looking for an excuse to stop your vehicle. Don’t give them a reason to stop you!  Watch this new YouTube video for helpful hints that may help avoid unwanted police contacts after the Patriots win the Super Bowl. New Hampshire DWI laws. 


If you do get stopped by the police this weekend, please feel free to call me today at 1-603-893-0074 for a free initial consultation to discuss your rights and next steps. New Hampshire DWI laws and New Hampshire DWI penalties are tough. If you decide to blow into the breath gadget at the police station you can actually go to jail if the number on the breath gadget is high enough! Choose carefully what to do.

If you have been arrested for DWI in New Hampshire, please feel free to call me today. I look forward to speaking with you!

Attorney Mark Stevens

5 Manor Parkway
Salem, NH 03079
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