Black Friday Shoplifting: Post-Arrest Tips from Attorney Mark Stevens Salem, NH DWI & Criminal Defense Lawyer 603.893.0261 (24/7)

Black Friday Shoplifting: Post-Arrest Tips:

When Loss Prevention or The Police Want to Hassle You

Black Friday. Some stores are open earlier and close later. It is the biggest shopping day of the year here in New Hampshire. And with power shopping comes some shoplifting, “willful concealment” and other theft charges. Some of these are misunderstandings, some are caused by the stress of the holidays and some of course are actual thefts. This weekend usually results in a lot of arrests for shoplifting, “willful concealment” and other theft charges all across New Hampshire, but the number of shoplifting arrests in Rockingham County, Hillsborough County and Strafford County are particularly high on Black Friday due to some major shopping areas in those counties.

So what happens in that “worst-case” scenario, when a loss prevention person taps you on the shoulder and asks you to come to their back room gulag for questioning? Be careful what you do next. Here are some ideas:


1. Don’t volunteer any statements, especially if they would admit guilt. Ask to speak with your lawyer immediately. You do not have to answer these peoples’ questions. They will threaten to call the cops. The cops are coming no matter what you say, so just be quiet and wait for them.
2. Don’t sign any confessions. The loss prevention people are not there to help you. They will sometimes hand you a confession to sign. Don’t let them bully you into signing anything. Signing a confession is bad.
3. Don’t agree to have your picture taken by the loss prevention people. They can’t make you have your picture taken; they are store employees not cops. They will try to get you to make all sorts of admissions. You do not even need to give loss prevention, store security or mall security your identification.
4. Don’t answer the loss prevention questions about other thefts they may try to implicate you in, such as “we know you stole x, y and z…”. If they could prove this they wouldnt need to ask you about it. 5. The cops are coming. Just wait for then to arrive, and peacefully accompany them to booking. Note that the real cops CAN take your pictures, but you still dont have to answer their questions.


1. Peacefully go along with the arresting cop.
2. Ask to speak to you lawyer immediately.
3. Remain silent about the alleged offense.
4. Do not sign any confessions.
5. Do not agree to “interviews” with the police about theft charges.

1. Program my cell phone number 1-603-785-6458 into your phone right now!
2. If there is any possibility of a weekend arrest have cash for bail on hand.
3. Think about who you would call for a ride if needed from the police station.


Have a safe and happy holiday and Happy Black Friday!

Remember, call me right away after you get released: 1-603-785-6458.



Law of the Day: Theft Penalties by NH DWI Defense Lawyer Mark Stevens

Law of the Day:  NH Theft Penalties

If you have been arrested or accused of shoplifting, willful concealment, burglary, theft, theft by deception, theft of services, receiving stolen goods, or any other criminal charges the penalties, if convicted, in the state of New Hampshire are severe.


Having an experienced attorney on your side who fights these types of cases regularly is the right course of action. Salem, NH Criminal Defense and DWI Lawyer Mark Stevens is admitted in all Courts in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.


Call Attorney Mark Stevens right now (24/7) 603-893-0074.  He will know what to do. The initial case consultation and evaluation are always free (1hr.) Call 24/7 @ 603.893.0074 or 603.893.0261.  We look forward to speaking with you.


Here’s a copy of the law in New Hampshire on Theft Penalties(637:11)→


Section 637:11 Penalties

    637:11 Penalties. –
  I. Theft constitutes a class A felony if:
(a) The value of the property or services exceeds $1,500, or
(b) The property stolen is a firearm, or
(c) The actor is armed with a deadly weapon at the time of the theft, except that if the deadly weapon is a firearm, he shall be sentenced in accordance with RSA 651:2, II-g.
II. Theft constitutes a class B felony if:
(a) The value of the property or services is more than $1,000 but not more than $1,500, or
(b) The actor has been twice before convicted of theft of property or services, as a felony or class A misdemeanor, or
(c) The theft constitutes a violation of RSA 637:5, II(a) or (b), or
(d) The property or services stolen are from 3 separate business establishments within a 72-hour period, or
(e) The property is stolen with intent to resell or distribute. It would be prima facie evidence that the offense constitutes theft with intent to resell or distribute when the theft consists of goods or merchandise in quantities that would not normally be purchased for personal use or consumption, or
(f) The property received in violation of RSA 637:7 consists of goods or merchandise in quantities that would not normally be purchased for personal use or consumption, or
(g) The actor has twice before been convicted of offenses under RSA 637:3-a, II and the present and prior convictions were based on offenses committed within a 36-month period.
III. Theft constitutes a misdemeanor if the value of the property or services does not exceed $1,000.

Source. 1971, 518:1. 1977, 187:2. 1979, 266:1. 1990, 95:6. 1992, 269:14, 22, II. 2001, 174:2, eff. Jan. 1, 2002. 2010, 239:3, eff. July 1, 2010.


If you have been arrested in the state of New Hampshire or Massachusetts  and are facing charges for Shoplifting, Theft, Burglary, Minor in Possession, Possession of Controlled Substance, Aggravated DWI, Disobeying an Officer, Unlawful Intoxication, Conduct after Accident, OUI, DWI, DUI, Boating While Intoxicated, or any other criminal related charges- Call the Law Office of Attorney Mark Stevens for a free consultation and case evaluation at 1-603-893-0074 or 1-603-893-0261 (24/7 or roadside!) today, we look forward to speaking with you.


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Arrests and indictments for economy-inspired crimes like shoplifting, willful concealment, robbery, burglary, larceny and other theft crimes are rising throughout New Hampshire.

If you have been arrested for shoplifting, willful concealment or any other theft crime in New Hampshire, or if someone wants to “ask you some questions”,”talk to you” or “have you come down to make out a statement”, call 1-603-893-0074 for a free initial consultation and case evaluation.

If a store detective, loss prevention employee or a police officer tries to question you regarding a shoplifting case, it is wise to contact a criminal defense lawyer before answering any questions or signing any statements. The stakes are high when you are faced with a shoplifting or other theft charge. The penalties for shoplifting, including the level of offense, depend on what the store and the cops claim the value of the goods were and what they can prove they were in court.

Here’s a copy of the Laws in New Hampshire about SHOPLIFTING:

New Hampshire Shoplifting Laws
RSA 644:17 (2008)
644:17 Willful Concealment and Shoplifting.
I. A person is guilty of willful concealment if, without authority, he willfully conceals the goods or merchandise of any store while still upon the premises of such store. Goods or merchandise found concealed upon the person shall be prima facie evidence of willful concealment.
II. A person is guilty of shoplifting if, with the purpose of depriving a merchant of goods or merchandise, he knowingly:
(a) Removes goods or merchandise from the premises of a merchant; or
(b) Alters, transfers, or removes any price marking affixed to goods or merchandise; or
(c) Causes the cash register or other sales recording device to reflect less than the merchant’s stated or advertised price for the goods or merchandise; or
(d) Transfers goods or merchandise from the container in which such goods or merchandise were intended to be sold to another container.
III. As used in this section:
(a) “Merchant” means the owner or operator of any place of business where merchandise is displayed, held, or stored, for sale to the public, or any agent or employee of such owner or operator.
(b) “Purpose to deprive” means to have the conscious object to appropriate the goods or merchandise of a merchant without paying the merchant’s stated or advertised price.
IV. Willful concealment shall be a misdemeanor. The penalty for shoplifting shall depend on the value of the property, as provided in RSA 637:11. As used in this section, “value” shall be determined in accordance with RSA 637:2, V.


  • You do not need to give any loss prevention, store, or mall security your identification.
  • Do not let security or loss preventions departments take your photo, they are not the police.
  • Try and make sure you have some bail money on you, be polite, and do not resist the police.
  • Then call me right away, after you’ve been released (24/7) 1.603.893.0074

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Have a Safe & Pepper-Spray-Free Holiday Weekend!

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Happy Turkey Day! Salem, NH DWI Lawyer Mark Stevens 603.893.0074


We would like to wish everyone and their families a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday!  Please have a safe holiday. Remember, if you are traveling with loved ones this weekend make sure you  are prepared in advance by following a few simple safe driver tips.

Happy Thanksgiving


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Being Prepared for Holiday Travel:

  1. Check your tail and brake lights before leaving.
  2. Make sure your registration and license are easily accessible.
  3.  ****Make sure you have “Mark Stevens” added & saved to your address book in your contacts in case of an emergency***  1.603.893.0074 (24/7)
  4. Don’t text & drive (general reminder)
  5. With lots of holiday travelers on the road, stay alert. (Especially after a big turkey dinner!!

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A Call to Action:

Have you or a loved one been arrested? If you have, you’ve probably just endured the worst day of your life. Your anxiety level is probably the highest it has ever been. It is important right now that you promptly take steps to protect your rights.

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